How do I fully utilise my 10Mb Broadband speed!?!

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Found 7th Jun 2009
Hi, I signed up for the 10Mb upgrade around 1am today and by 2pm I am getting 10Mb already!!

However, I've just tried downloading a torrent through Utorrent and I'm only getting a 200kb speed which very average.

I then tried to download a random torrent with over 4000 seeders and only got 100kb!

What the hell am I doing wrong? I hear I should be expecting 1200kb/s :S:S

Many Thanks


torrents will still be rubbish unless you use a private tracker,
the ]astraweb deal is still going if you want to do some serious downloading.

Torrent speed can be really hit and miss, various things can affect the performance. If you really want to test what your new found speed boost can do think about switching to Newsgroups and downloading with NZB files.

With a decent client you will max out your full available bandwidth within seconds of the file starting to download and you should be able to get a 1CD DivX file down in under 15 mins.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Not understanding how torrents work is a start. Any peer 2 peer system is entirely dependent on others uploading to you.

The only way you'll ever see 10MBit on Torrents is if there are enough people seeding back whose total bandwidth to you matches your download speed.

As already suggested, Client/Server systems such as Newsgroups (Astraweb, Giganews, etc) are well worth investing in, and will give you (as near as damn it) your full bandwidth.

Trouble with bittorrent is that it doesn't matter how much downstream bandwidth you have, you're still only limited by what the peers you're connected to can upload at. Can I bore you with some maths?

Say you have a torrent with 1000 peers. If each peer has an average upstream of 70KB/s, it produces a total upstream of 70,000KB/s, hence an average download speed of 70KB/s per person. If you have 1000 seeds also uploading at 70KB/s, the average download speed for people downloading might be 140KB/s, but in either case, since 140KB/s is well below what the downstream connection is capable of, no-one's really being throttled by the limits of their net connection, only the limits of everyone else's upstream connection. You'll get the occasional burst of super-high speed when you find yourself connected to someone with an absurdly good connection, but ultimately, your speed is limited to pretty much the same speed as everyone else.

The only way to really get bittorrent speeds that saturate your connection is to find torrents that are fresh, small, and that will have lots of seeds. Heroes torrents are like that. I can get around 2MB/s on those when they're about 6 hours old. More seeds the better, since they only pump into the system, while peers also deduct. 10 seeds @ 70KB/s = 700KB/s for you, wheras 10 peers @ 70KBs = 70KB/s for you, since they all will be downloading at the same time, too.

Ultimately, you're best off just going with Newsgroups. They're much, much, much faster than bittorrent can ever be.

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Thanks for the info on astraweb, I think I may have just been introduced to a whole new world.

Get rapidshare

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Get rapidshare

Would that be worth it? Are there any platforms/forums where links are shared at a high enough frequency to make it worthwhile?

Free Newsgroups On Vm With 7 Day Retention

Newsgroups, VM have well over 7 day retention these days, into the hundreds but I'm dubious about downloading stuff over VM as you might as well hand them a list of what a naughty boy you've been.


Newsgroups, VM have well over 7 day retention these days, into the … Newsgroups, VM have well over 7 day retention these days, into the hundreds but I'm dubious about downloading stuff over VM as you might as well hand them a list of what a naughty boy you've been.

Fine 7 day binary retention
Plus its run by a third party.


try a torrent like openoffice. thats the best one to test dl speeds.

set your upload limit to 40kb/s for VM M 10mb bb

and set outgoing encryption protocol to ENABLED to stop VM spying on what you're downloading. And ALLOW incoming legacy connections.

global max no of connections should be 1500
max no of connected peers per torrent = 100
no of upload slots per torrent = 12

works for me and regularly get 1.2MByte/Sec download speeds

200kb is good imo... im getting below 50 most of the time. (then again i use proxy connection)

anyway there are some tricks like port forwarding, max connection limit per torrent, global client-speed limit etc

but as previous reply stated it wont help much if there isnt sough seed with good speed

You'll also need a NZB client to process the NZB files. I use Newsbin Pro which is excellent. It even checks the files after downloading for errors (and fixes them automatically if there are PAR files available), as well as extracting them automatically.

For a good guide on Newsgroups, go here:
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