How do I get a Cheap (Free?) Mac?

    A good friend of mine is an independent film maker and needs to get her hands on a Mac (pref. portable) to run Apple Edit Software called Final Cut Pro...since I know nothing about Macs, this software or how to get a free Mac for her, I said Of course, I'll help out!


    Any ideas and or recs. would be VERY gratefully received!


    Free? You wont...even the older G models sell for a price...and ideally FInal Cut Pro needs a good system to be run on.

    nope no such thing, let her down gently lol.

    maybe some ok macbook deals on older models if you look around, but
    you'll still be paying hundreds

    EDIT: you could get a dell mini netbook and load OSX
    onto it, and then it could run final cut pro but you'd need to
    do a bit of minor hacking first. just google it. again the netbook
    would still cost about £150-£200


    I have seen the odd mac g3 at the tip... but they are what 12 years old> about as useful as a chocolate teapot

    anything useful wont be free

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the useful advice...and I thought I was going to get a load of abuse!

    Can FCP be run on a PC in some sort of emulation mode (rather than loading OSX)? I'm guessing that the Dell Mini route may not have the horsepower...

    Time to let her down gently then.

    It is possible to run Mac OS X in VMware, but it may break the licence conditions. googling will find you some ways of doing this, but nothing I'm prepared to link to here! But video editing needs all the CPU and hard disk speed it can get if you dont want it to be awful, so running through a VM definitely isnt the best idea.

    Does it have to be Final Cut Pro? You might have more luck with something like Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows. If your friend is a student then there's some pretty decent educational discounts available.

    speak to these guys, they recycle computers and might be able to do a deal for you

    Byteback Computer Recycling
    The Lamp
    Lampton Avenue
    BS13 0PU
    Tel: 0117 3706456
    Mob: 07917166905
    [email protected]

    Original Poster

    Thank you so much for these recs.

    I will go and speak to these folks and hope for the best!
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