How do i get a video from my PC to my mum's PC?


    I have a video of my little 'un dancing at a wedding and i want to send it to my mum, who is in another country. It's over 100mb, so emailing is out of the question.

    what (other than burning to CD and posting) is the best way from me to get it to her? are there any secure sites that i can upload to and then she can download from?


    Great tool and should be adequate enough.

    [url][/url] :thumbsup:

    You can use winrar it compacts files, it does say you have to pay but we never have as we use the trial, you will have to make sure that your mum has it too and can be complicated for non confident users


    Zip the file up (make sure you password protect the zip file and upload it to . Then just email your mum the download link!



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    cheers you lot - you rock!

    zip it up

    Could you try compressing using various video compression programs (or even the in built windows movie maker). I like the idea of rarring it up into chunks (10 meg pieces) and e-mailing it, but your mum will have to know how to unzip it (simpler than when you zipped it). Good luck
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