How do i get better at fifa 09??

Hi i seem to be playing realy bad online on fifa 09 for the xbox 360,when i shoot it seems so weak,should i be holding another button at thesame time for a strong shot??thanks


think u hold lb and b for more tells u in booklet i think

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i think thats lob

Play the AI on harder settings and play your mates.

The main way of getting better is practice. Just playing the game.

there's a setting somewhere to make sure you only play people of a similar skill level. It's off by default, I asked the same question a while ago on the fifa forums. Once I turned this on online games were much better.

RB and shoot will place yourt shot, so you can use more power LT and shoot will give you a powerful shot, again you can use more power, just pressing the shoot button alone is useless unless you are coing in one on one from an angle on your weaker foot, then a little tap will just bend the ball round the keeper with the outside of the boot.
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