How do I get content to stream from my PC to my PS3?

Is there an easy way of setting this up?

What do I need to set my PC up as a Media server? My PS3 is already connected to my wireless network.


I don't own a PS3 but I've been toying with the idea of getting one to replace my XBMC solution.

I was looking at stream content to the PS3 via Nero MediaHome on my PC - it looks like it does some kewl stuff like upscaling the stream in real time making normal xvids into HD content :-)

Here's a guide on how to set up media sharing on your pc so you can stream to your ps3, worked fine for me!…559

try [url][/url] its free and works a treat

I am going to try this later.

Download TVersity

Dead easy with it

download winamp (the latest version). Much easier to work with than tversity and there is no messing about. Just link to where your files are and voila. Though you have to have a pretty good router as accessing content is very slow from the ps3!!

I'd also recommend TVersity

If you have Vista, then you can simply enable media sharing from the Network and Sharing Centre. This will initially share everything in your WIndows Media Player library, however you can add other folders to your share. There is a registry fix available (google) that will make Windows Media Player see other formats of files, such as mp4 video etc. It does not matter if you have the correct codecs or not as the PS3 has it's own. I can playback virtually any file from my laptop wirelessly on the PC. To playback MKV files (x264) you simply need to use MKV2VOB which will quickly remux the file into an MP4 or VOB file without changing any video or audio data. (I have even made it work on the ps3 and an mpeg file before I found the registry fix for sharing mp4).

[COLOR=Red]I recommend TVersity.[/COLOR]
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