How do I get in touch with Dell?

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Found 14th Nov 2008
My parents bought me a lap top in March this year from Dell. Its an Inspiron one with a yellow front.

Anyway, the power cord on my laptop is no longer working and the yellow has become discoloured. It appears as though the heat from the laptop has started to change the colour at the bottom from yellow to a dark orange. It looks rotten.

Anyway, seeing as I didnt pay for it and my parents ordered over the phone, and they no longer have any ref number etc, do you think they will deal with my call?

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you have a service tag under the laptop.


they will ask for you parents name, address, tel. number for security so have them to hand

With great difficulty...their customer service is awful and when you do eventually get through, trying to understand the other person millions of miles away is extremely frustrating !!!!!!!

If it was bought in March it will be within the 12 month hardware warranty. It doesn't matter who bought it as you will still get support on the laptop.

Get the service tag (combination of numbers and letters, as also posted above) from underneath the laptop and ring 0844 338 1000.

Be prepared to wait for hours trying to get through. Lines are open Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm. Best time to ring is early in the morning or later in the evening. Good luck.

I've just had my motherboard replaced by Dell under warranty and had no problems whatsoever.

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Thanks everyone. I have had difficulty with them before when I had problems with my PC. Just wasnt sure if they would deal with me this time seeing as I didnt purchase it. Thanks


speaking of which where is dell-in-the-bed, haven't seen them on here for … speaking of which where is dell-in-the-bed, haven't seen them on here for ages?


Its not really a bad thing is it? :-D

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