how do I get my Sony ultra z to display on my TV?

    Hi all.

    I've got a Sony ultra z and want to be able to display the screen on my TV ( not smart).I don't know whether I can use miracast but I've read YouTube won't work. I've just bought a ptv3000 but since doing a bit more research I don't think this will work for YouTube. Maybe I can buy an android box or a raspberry pi to achieve wireless mirroring. Or am I going to have to resort to cables to get my phone on the windowsill ( I'm on three unlimited date but don't get a very good signal) I think it's a mhl adapter. Cheers Steve


    Google Chrome cast. Search here for deals

    Most Sony are mhl capable so you should just be able to plug phone in hdmi and mirror

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    I was under the impression that the Chromecast needed to be connected to a WiFi network? I don't have a landline network.

    I'm reluctant to use the mhl lead because I don't want to be tripping over a 5 metre cable but this may be my only option.

    Yes you need wifi for chrome cast although you can create a hotspot with a second device and use that I think? I was looking at a andriod box, the M8s but I think that won't play amazon prime in HD? Seems no matter what you get there is a problem. The NVIDIA SHIELD tv box looks like it will do what I want but cost to much and only heard about that today. Also I'm interested in andriod for rasberry pi that's coming out soon. Depends what licences they get as it may play amazon prime in HD.. I'll give that ago.. Maybe... I tried using a adaptor to plug my old samsung s3 into tv via hdmi but it's not ideal. Did work though but it got to hot.
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