how do I get my W995 to d/l podcasts?

    Hi guys posted this here as some very knowledgable people seem to use this site so maybe someone can help?

    I quite often download to my computer a couple of the radio 1 podcasts and believe there is a way I can get my new Sony erricson W995 to do this automagically for me? I have it set up for wifi so getting it online isnt the issue but just cant seem to fathom out how to do it? .... I realise I could download to computer then transfer it but if its capable of cutting out the middle man (me!) then why not use it eh!

    rep given for any help!




    dunno about your phone or provider, but if i try to d/l podcasts on o2 it just takes WAY too much time (htc touch diamond) - maybe it's the provider slowing down a download??

    far less faff to do it on PC, seconds as opposed to nearly an hour - i understand your logic but downloading on a broadband line then transferring via usb is just quicker. i usually download half a dozen, or maybe six, then transfer them all over at once

    Original Poster

    thanks for the reply (and nice avatar :)) im on o2 aswell so yeah I know what you mean about o2's slowness but I can use my wifi

    i'll have to keep doing it on the pc then unless anyone can come to the rescue!

    your avatar is the best on HUKD

    so have some reppity rep for it!!

    Original Poster

    ah jeez thanks! and right back atcha!

    .... and rereading your first reply im interested which you download more? 6 or half a dozen? LOL

    wondered if anyone had spotted it
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