How do i get my wii to work on the internet?

    Im looking to put my wii onto the internet but dont know how

    What else do i need to connect it to the internet

    Im using bt wired internet


    I think u need to buy the browser

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    how much is that?

    Can i play against friends online?

    Oh do you mean you want to browse the internet or just play online with friends?

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    play friend online sorry

    Ah right well you need to obviously get their friendcodes and then connect via WiFi, I can't remember where abouts it is but its probably in the system settings somewhere

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    thanks and how do we get codes?

    Hi Allstar,

    You need to have a wireless router, or buy either one of the Nintendo DS USB dongles, or the Wii Network LAN adaptor.

    I don't think the LAN adaptor is out in the UK yet, but are easily available on ebay... the DS dongles will work for the Wii, but they're a bit finicky sometimes...

    Oh yeah I just realised you have wired internet, you need one of these…WII)

    But you can obviously find it cheaper elsewhere. The only thing about this is that you can't use your computer at the same time if you are using your wii. Another option is to buy a router and set up a wifi connection


    thanks and how do we get codes?

    You have to get your friends to give them their code from their console.

    I have a brand new Wii Lan adaptor, if you want one, put up an ad in the For Sale forum, so that I can give you more details. )

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    ok well seeing as only two friends has the wii and internet it would be a waste of time and money sorting this out

    thanks for the offers tho
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