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How do I get parking sensors fitted? How much? Please help

Posted 27th Jul 2008
Just bought myself a new motor an its alot bigger than what i am use to so i want to get front an rear sensors fitted, i know u can get some an fit them yourself but are they any good? i would prefer proper ones that are actually installed in the bumper but i have no idea of cost an who fits them?
Thanks in advance
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Just practice parking. a lot cheaper as you'll be looking at a good few hundred quid to buy & fit yourself.
Are you female???
My dad had the meta targa ones from halfords fitted to a grande scenic at £99.99including fitting they are only £49.99 now! They work great too. Nice and neat with the number plate surround mounts.
tesco have one on offer for £50 quid that my father in law just bought as the garage wanted over £250 for one fitted
lol i aint a woman, where i live its very narrow an have tiny parking spaces, its hard to park a gt continental lol
Save your cash, "borrow" two cones and practice parking or move to central london.

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