how do i get photos ive taken on my htc desire onto my pc

    i cant figure it out!! so i need a software???


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    i have a load of folders show up which one do i go into

    Holy ****. Can you figure anything out by yourself?

    Best thing, gather all of the stuff you got with your phone, put it all back in the nice protective packaging, post it back to where you got it from, buy a nokia 3310

    try the folder that says music

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    i have 20 folders though

    Have you looked in any of them?

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    yes they all seem to be the settings of the phone

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    done it now. should have been simpler to find that though!!

    9/10 times you ask a question about this phone on here you eventually figure it out yourself - you see the pattern here?

    And don't tell anyone how it was fixed so perhaps people could benefit from it in the future

    perhaps you could use google to get your answers quicker instead of making stupid threads on here
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