How do i get points removed from my licence>?

    Hi i have 3 points that will be 4 years old at the end of this month, how do i go about sending my licence to the dlva to get them removed?



    you dont have to, my 3 points expired 2 years ago

    hav u not looked on the dvla website???


    for that stupid question im handing u 15 points

    keys please


    £20 fee .

    I thought they get/got removed automatically? no? Also, never new the new licences expired (new as in the photocard ones not the paper ones) didn't realise they automatically expire after 10 years and you have to apply for a new one! :x

    This is just for the vanity isn't it? They automatically expire but to get them removed from the licence (the paper ones at least) you have to send it in and pay the replacement fee.
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