How do I get rep?

like everyone else? they all have 1000s, how do I get to that amount? Rep will be given for answers (sensible).

Help!! :-D


Original Poster

help :-D

by being nice and helping people who need it

Don't do a rep roll:w00t:

By helping people with deal requests, giving vouchers that you dont want away to someone who will use them or posting deals

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thanks guys and no im not rep begging but it would be nice ;-)

they all have 1000s

in the tens of thousands ;-)

Help people but do not beg - people see right through it and you will get into trouble for it with the powers that be.
If you see someone asking for advice then try and help and they may rep you?
Also posting really good deals will earn you rep.

This isn't going to turn into another rep fest. Please see the newcomers help thread in my sig.

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