How do I get the best deal at

    Does anyone know if I can combine the £3 new customer deal with a link through a cash-back site?
    Quidco are offering £12 to sign up with, but if I fill in the details on the voucher, will that automatically make me a member?
    Should I use Quidco or Greasypalm? have a fabulous sale on at the moment.


    QuidCo offer twice as much in cashback to GreasyPalm. I'm not sure about the combining new customer deal though, I would have thought you could.

    I think Quidco's £12 bacck compared to GP £6 makes that a no-brainer. I'm not sure about how the £3 offer works... for example could you sign up to get the £3 code and then go through Quidco to sign up for an account and use the code in that account (i.e. is the code account specific?). If I was going to try it I would click through from quidco to bol and sign up for the £3 and not the other way around.

    I'm not sure it's worth the risk for £3 though... it might be better just to go through Quidco normally so you can be sure you are getting the £12. Make sure you delete cookies etc. before clicking on the quidco link.

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    Sorry? I'm not technically minded. What does delete cookies mean?

    In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Internet Options [from the drop down list], then select Delete Cookies button.

    That will remove any current cookies, which are like little messages left in your browser cache memory, that let a website know if you've used an offer before or even visited before. It's not harmful to your computer and cookies are normally a good thing, except when you want to do as stated in other posts.

    Hope that helps.

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    Do I have to reset anything after I have bought the books? Or do I leave it with the cookies deleted?

    No, when you visit the site from your QuidCo link, the cookies will tell BOL you've arrived there from QuidCo so you'll get your cashback.

    Delete the cookies before clicking through QuidCo.

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    Thank you Rayman, but I'm afraid I still don't understand. Could you give me step by step instructions, please?

    Okay, when you start your browser and before going to QuidCo or BOL, look along the top of your browser. The menu there if you're using Internet Explorer, should have a Tools button. Click on that, then read the drop down list. At the bottom is Internet Options, click on that. A panel should come up with some tabs along the top. Make sure it's on the General tab. Look down the panel for Delete Cookies button and click on it.

    Close your browser, then open it in the normal way when you're about to surf. Go directly to QuidCo.Com, sign in and type BOL in the search box. Follow the link from there by clicking on the link to BOL.

    Once you're on the BOL website, make your order in the usual way. BOL will know without you needing to tell them, as a cookie will be in their system to let them know you've arrived there from QuidCo. In a few weeks [depends on how fast they send info to QuidCo], you'll have the money in your QuidCo account.

    Hope that explains it for you.

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    Thank you Rayman. At what point do I click on the £3 off voucher? Or would you advise me to ignore that?

    Does the £3 voucher have to be clicked to activate it or just add it to your cart? If it adds it to your cart it should be fine. I think I'd just use the QuidCo personally though. Could be a bit of a gamble unless anyone else has managed to do this?

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    The £3 voucher is a pop-up

    I'm not certain, but I think it would work. It's a chance you'd have to take, whereas the QuidCo £12 is a definite without the £3.
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