How do I get the best deal for my Internet, TV and Phone

    EXPIRED - Sorted now thanks for the help


    Try ACN uk and you can get videophone in your pack ;-)

    videophone?!?1 pointless!, i'm on virgin 3 for £30, 10mb BB, xl tv and phone line......

    Stay with Virgin and buy a pack...Get rid of Sky..

    I'm in the same boat as the OP and would be interested to see if its best to finish and start again with Virgin to get the best deal

    Virgin have just tried to put my broadband 10mb up from £15 a month to £25 and i phoned the cancellation line and mentioned sky and they said i could stay on £15 a month, it may be worth while trying that

    If you want to upgrade to triple XL they will let you, ring them up and tell them you want it, it is available to new subscribers, and people upgrading one or more services.

    This is from the T&Cs of triple XL

    Offer: Available to new customers or existing customers taking an additional cable service (subject to status and credit checks). You must take all services included in this package for at least 12 months. If you change any part of this package, standard prices apply. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

    dont forget its 150 quid quidco for a new virgin package peeps.....

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    Whoa £150! So do you say it's best to cancel everything and start fresh? Thing is I'll have no internet to make the order in the first place lol

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    Just called them, if I cancel they won't let me rejoin for 6 months. But they will let me have the package through the phone, ah well.
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