How do I get the best mobile contract?

    In short, any hints on negotiating a new contract?


    Orange rententions leaves alot to be desired, unless you are seen as a valued customer, which might be more likely in your case with a business phone on such a horrendous contract

    If you can get onto the Orange "Customer Relations Tariff" which is 2500mins (500anytime, 2000 off peak to orange phones iirc) or so then stay.

    Otherwise check this thread out:…795

    I suspect a cashback contract for business isn't a good idea since you should be doing more profitable things with your time...
    So with that in mind, ie no cashback dealsi choose the Nokia E60 on O2, v latest business 3g phone, £20 quidco in your pocket on order, no need to faff about with redemption and more importantly, come early December 2007, you'll be able to get a great retention deal like I did :thumbsup:


    Maybe one with a free gift would tempt you?
    [URL=""]This site[/URL] shows offers from many retailers, play with the search criteria a bit for what is important to you. If you use a cashback site like greasy palm you can get cash back for other peoples purchases credited to your account, useful extra bonus if you order anything for a business.
    If you would like a referral to Greasy Palm pm me.

    **MOD EDIT: 3rd party affiliate website link removed. This is to discourage spam on HUKD.[/COLOR]

    Hassle like you never have before

    I did not mention "free gift" deals are they are basically a rip off.
    12months free rental with £360 cashback or a £180 XBOX 360 Core... £140 ripped off etc, same for the PSP deals, massive difference.
    Reason for that being they are massively betting majority of their cashback customers will forget some or all of their claims, so really they're only giving somewhere between 40-70% of the promised cashbacks promised due to their conditions and people being lazy/forgetful.

    So, IMHO, better going for the very latest phone all upfront than getting ripped off over £100 for a gift deal, however for a business deal where cashback is a hassle, but you want something free, I wouldn't blame you, but its costing you well over £100 or the latest phone to do so

    I dont know if you are still looking, but i got a Nokia N70 on flext 25 for £19 a month on the Tmobile website.

    Thats £60 worth of pay as you go credit to spend on what you see fit.
    20p a min Voice calls
    10p Texts
    20p MMS

    All for £19 a month.

    (25% discount for buying online)

    Since then the N73 has been released.

    The N7x series are fantastic smartphones. And with it running Symbian OS there are a ton of cool apps for them.

    On my phone i have a bunch of emulators (game boy, snes mega drive, SCUMM etc) some cool apps like Opera and smart movie (A divX player).

    And if you know where to look, all the software is available for a very reasonable price >.> <.>
    ((Google [email protected] Forum))

    So if your looking for a great phone at a good price, u cant beat an N73, and the flext tarrifs are fantastic. For £45 a month u can get:

    Flext50 + WebNWalk
    ((£255 of PAYG credit per month))
    Which is 1250 Any Network Any Time Minutes

    OR 2550 Text Messages

    ((Or any combination of the above, you can spend your flext allowance however you choose))


    Unlimited Internet Access ((subject to fair use policy, which means no P2P apps))
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