how do i get the gear knob off a fiesta Mk4 please

    I have tried turning the end to the left and to the right but it isnt moving i am afraid i will brake the whole thing just to get the gear knob off.


    I think it's a straight pull up if you know what i mean. :-D

    Just keep pulling and pulling on the knob


    no, twist it then pull.
    my gf has a mk4 fiesta.

    Is it the old black leather manky one?
    Ifso you twist it, trust.. it will work.
    then you keep turning.

    OMG i soooooooooooooooooooooooo read the title wrong.............pmsl.......


    Just keep pulling and pulling on the knob

    Just ask JFK. He's an expert at this!!!! :whistling:

    just give it a blow and and a few tugs and it should just jerk off in your hand

    what? not even a giggle? It was comedy gold. Shame on you HUKD members. Shame on you
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