How do I get vista to recognise my ide hard drive in usb enclosure?

    Had a old hd sitting unused for ages, and decided to use it for my ps2.

    Vista recognises the usb device, and a Samsung HD, as does device manager but nothing shows on My computer.

    What am I doing wrong?


    Do you know if the drive has been formatted? If it hasn't, it will show up as a device but nothing else will happen because it can't mount it as a drive without a formatted partition.

    If this sounds like the case, you need to right click 'My Computer' and choose manage, then near the bottom you should see something along the lines of 'Disk Management' (I don't have a Vista machine to hand) - you should see your main hard drive as well as the new one, from here you can right click the drive space to create a new partition then format it. At this point, it should now show in My Computer amongst your other drives.


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    Thanks, it says not initialised and unallocated which is strange as it was full of isos before for ps2

    AS stated previously needs to be formatted to windows also "Unallocated." means you have not supplied a Drive letter eg "D" this will be done when you do as advised by previous poster

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    Having problems formatting it, Vista wont let me from disk management and if I try it through the Vista disc it wont let me as it says it cant install to usb drives, tried entering the format menu with the same.

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    Stupid of me I didnt click initialise right!

    Yeah, once you've initialised the drive you should then have to create a partition and finally format that partition.

    To be honest, I think this is a poorly handled aspect of Windows - I don't think any user should be expected to know how to use the management console for a standard purpose like using a new hard drive. If a seemingly blank hard drive is plugged in, Windows should detect this and automatically pop up a wizard which steps you through the process of getting it ready for use with Windows, with appropriate warnings about data loss along the way.


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    Well I could do it on XP but Vista is annoying same problem with my D:drive which is SATA couldnt format it so had to use Vista disc on startup to do it.

    XP was just right click it then select format.

    Plus I cant for the life of me work out how to delete the recovery partition as I tried reformatting but as soon as recovery disc is used it creates a recovery partition again!
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