How do i get word to so this...? (+ quick rep)

    im writing in word and when it gets the end of the line and it cant fit the word in it goes to the next line. How do i get it to brake the word up so when it gets to the end of the line it fits half of the word on and then has a - and then the rest of the word on the next line.


    You either have to put a hyphen in which isn't really appropriate or you have to move your margins to make it slightly longer by a space or two. This will move your lines you have already typed as well though so keep an eye on what you've done before.

    Under Page Layout, click on Hyphenation and then automatic.…tml

    You can have left aligned text or right aligned text. The third option is Justified. This is what you need.

    Select the paragraph you have written and then click "Ctrl-J". This would automatically format the text to look both left and right justified.

    Do you actually want the specific word hyphanted and split over the two lines? Or do you just want to fit it to the end of the line - because as stated in post above you're better justifying the page which makes it all neat and each line goes straight to the end spacing out any words to do so. But if you just want the word specifically hyphenated then you'll have to put half the word then typed - and then do a space before typing the rest of the word, it should then start the second part of the word on the next line.

    Sounds like it is down to the alignment... I think you can probably get away with using the 'Justified' setting.

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    Ok, thanks guys. I have already done the justfied thing but it leaves massive gaps on the line as im writing in small boxes. I have repped you all.
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