How do I go about learning a trade?

I'm currently stuck in a dead end job, and at times can get me down. On a 3 week holiday at the moment though wahoo.

I've been interested in learning a trade like an Electrician or Plumber for some time just unsure how to go about, in full time employment at the moment, are there grants for trade courses. I'm living in North yorkshire (if that makes a difference).

Just curious to see if i can turn my life around and get out of the rut i'm in at the moment


How old are you? Google NVQ training if you're a young un or join the police force if you aint

I'm not really sure whether someone I know did it the right way or not, but he had only ever done recruitment and then went and quit his job and got himself on an electricians course. Part of the course was working as an apprentice.

He's back in recruitment now though :roll:

I guess if you can manage to take a drop in salary, a college course might be the way forwards, at least you should get some experience and decide whether it's for you, and if not, try something else until you like it. Before I had to finish work, my job was pretty boring most of the time, but the people there and social life were excellent and that's why everyone stayed. Do you think maybe a change of scenery but same career would do you any good?

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I'm 28, and I've done an NVQ level 2 in IT, which is the equivalence to 5 A*-C GCSE's or so I believe hope thats right

I think the NVQ training is the same as what used to be YT scheme. I did one when I was 17 but got the sack. Think you've got to be under 21 or something like that anyway

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yeah, I am considering paying for the course but will have to think if its definitely right for me because it will be over £1k out of my bank, which i can afford but would be quite a serious hole to learn something i don't want to do

do you do it in your work - if so it it tecchie, help desk etc or ? Maybe some of your experience will help you step into a new job. If you can take a drop in salary you could maybe try chucking your cv round and see if agencies etc have anything. If not tied down, you could try a total change, lot of oil work abroad, Dietsmann and others look for people for Angola - its supposed to be not that bad, just depends on attitude etc? Is it the office work you hate? I'm from North east scotland and there are lots of ads in agencies up here - networks\radios\satelitte experience is always wanted. Wages do vary drastically though

my partner is in same situation he has a s@@t job,no qualifications hes 32 we have 5 kids and feels his life is going nowhere,problem is these courses cost money and we dont have it with me on mat leave,and people who want a trainee are looking for fella would love the chance of learning any trade.good luck

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i know I'm greater than the job i'm doing... Supermarket code checker, wahoo tick that one off on the fulfilment of life checklist i have lol.

one of my contacts is talking about book keeping, which would fit in with my IT background and also get to work from home.

Oil rig work sounds like fun to me, maybe i'm strange lol, although to say i'm lacking in the muscle department would be an under statement so if it envolves manual labour too much then i'd have to decline.

Slightly gutted i turned the nintendo job down, but did it for the right reasons

my partner thought about the oil rig one too,but didnt think he could spend so much time away from his family,can i ask are you on any benefits as i know about a year ago we were informed of someone who came to see you about getting training cheaper courses etc,we were talking just yesterday about trying to get hold of them again to see if they could help him with training etc

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i'm not on any benefits no, I was considering enrolling at the open university where my course would have been paid for by a grant, but didn't really see that for me yeah I'd have more knowledge, but would probably still be in the job i am in now

If anyone fancies the techie world then there are MSCE (MicroSoft Certified Engineer) etc, but they can cost £££££ in the UK, as an alternative have a look at
The training is based in India, YES India, training, exam fees's, hotel, food and transportation for less than half of the UK, you might get a good tan too :thumbsup:

Think about Open University, Brilliant. Im doing a degree which my employer is paying for. You can also get financial help as well. [url][/url]



If anyone fancies the techie world then there are MSCE (MicroSoft … If anyone fancies the techie world then there are MSCE (MicroSoft Certified Engineer) etc, but they can cost £££££ in the UK, as an alternative have a look at training is based in India, YES India, training, exam fees's, hotel, food and transportation for less than half of the UK, you might get a good tan too :thumbsup:

wow that kinda looks likes fun

Well if I were you I would ask my employer if I could condense my job down to 4 days as you want to use the other day to go training. If your manager is funny about it go to HR.
Then get out the yellow pages choose the trade you want to learn and phone everybody involved in that trade explaining you are keen to learn this trade and are willing to work on this set day for free in exchange for some training.
I guarantee somebody will take you on.
Then the balls in your court, if your not learning just move on. Or if your good they will give you a job or you can apply for jobs and you will have experience.
So you will still have your full time wage and getting training which wont cost you a penny.


wow that kinda looks likes fun

That does sound interesting actually, I wonder if I can do Ethical Hacker certification there.

EDIT: Yes I can, and I probably will be once I finish my MA this summer, the price looks good but it doesn't include the flight according to that site.

The one thing that I will say though is that IT certification isn't easy, I would seriously look into it before you commit to anything.

You'll have to take 1 step backwards before taking 2 steps forwards (take a pay cut now before earning the big bucks in the future)

There are plenty of trades out there that don't require qualifications, just a "Practise makes perfect" aproach.....the quicker you learn the quicker you'll earn.

I recently started collge because I was in the same situation. I quit my dead end job and started a Higher Education Foundation Course in IT which may get me into Uni once I have completed it. Got the college course for free as I had to sign on to Job Seekers Allowance. The course is only 1day a week so im looking for a job that doesnt require me to be there on Mondays. Couldnt have done it with out support from my girlfriend tho, emotionaly and financialy.
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