How do I go about transferring car ownership from my sister's to my name?

Found 7th Jan 2015
My sister is the policy holder and car owner of 2 cars. Up until now i have been a named driver on one of them. She will be giving that car to me now. How do i change ownership from her name to mine?

I was looking on the DVLA website, would this be the correct procedure?…cle

To simply put it, does she just need to complete section 6 of V5C and both of us sign in section 8. Then she gives me the V5C/2 section. The V5C is then sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA?

Also, if we both had an existing insurance policy currently in place and transfer of car ownership takes place in between this cover period, do I need to notify the insurance company immediately? will the existing policy be void and a new policy require to be taken out under my name rather than my sisters?

Thanks in advance.
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Fill in the correct section of the logbook and send to DVLA and wait for the new log book to arrive in your name - as you have googled above!
If you are only a named driver on the policy you may want to consider a policy in your own name if you are going to be the main driver - they may be able to amend the current one or you may need a new policy, It will be your decision!
HI ya. From what I know you would just follow the procedure as if the car had been sold to you. As for the insurance, yes you'd need to notify the insurance company about change of ownership and I imagine they'll need to put you onto a new policy to avoid "fronting".
Thanks for the replies, it kind of makes sense, i just wanted to confirm really.

Thanks Kazza for the tip. I forgot about the possibility that they might see it as fronting.
and I think you will have to tax it in your name too as tax isn't transferable.
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