How do i install this American app (AT&T U-verse) on my android device

Posted 5th Nov
My friend in america has given me access to his tv package i can access it on my laptop , cant seem to cast it to my tv yet thou..but i want to install the app…_GB
however it is country restricted as im in the there a way round this. if so how!!

ps: i have a vpn account
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fearona05/11/2019 12:04

Side load this …Side load this apk

thanku ill try!!
fearona05/11/2019 12:04

Side load this …Side load this apk

sleepingwonder05/11/2019 12:08

thanku ill try!!

do you know if this is possible to put this on a firestick??
Shouldn't be a problem, will need vpn on to work.
it only works when the vpn is turned on but it works fine on my phone! but ive yet to try and install it on my firestick. Hopefully it works. im excited lol!!
hi, could u do me a favor. ive installed it on my firestick but it wont let me select the login button. could u download it and test it on ur firestick please. it should be a blue sign in button.
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