How do i install windows from a cd if the PC doesnt goto desktop??

    well ive got a pc here that fails to go onto the desktop after i installed all the updates and restarted the pc.

    i was advised to reinstall windows so i got a windows xp disk, but how do i install the damn thing if the pc doesnt go onto the desktop?

    do i have to boot from the cd, how do i do that?




    if needs be backup the PC (if possible)

    go into the bios, and set the boot order to boot from CD,place CD in CD tray and follow the on screen instructions, Jobs a gooden :thumbsup:

    bios > change the order of booting up to CD/DVD DRIVE TO FLOPPY DRIVE TO HARD DRIVE

    itll boot your cd drive first

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    lol ive never done this before but ive gone into bios, and then changed the boot sequence to onboard or usb cd-rom drive first but it still doesnt boot from the cd cos i think it boots from onboard first :s

    the pc's a dell btw



    read the screen, it may say "press any key to boot from cd" after the bios. Did you save the bios, often its not a case of just pressing enter...

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    yeh i saved the bios, but it doesnt say please press a key

    but theres no option to boot from the cd first for some reason

    i think im in the bios, or do dell pcs have a different bios setup cos it looks different than a normal bios

    ive got abit further but not sure whats wrong now.

    when on the screen before the desktop i can press ctrl alt and delete and get into the task manager

    when i click on file then run and go into my computer and try to run the cd drive the pc doesnt recognise the cd. is that a problem with the cd drive as my working pc recognises it fine?

    and i dont know how to set it to boot from the cd first cos theres no option



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    got it sorted people

    just opened the task manager and ran system restore and restored the system to a date before the pc got messed up

    and the reason why the xp dvd didnt work is cos the pc only has a cd rom drive DOH

    the reason i burnt it onto a dvd is cos i had no cds and because the pc had a good spec i assumed it also had a dvd drive lol

    anyway you learn from your mistakes

    thanks for all the help

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    For future reference btw, if anyone needs to reinstall Windows and wants a step-by-step guide for it, check out [url][/url] . It covers every version of Windows, every method of install, and 'tis well recommended.
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