How do I keep bugs away from room?

Found 23rd Jul 2008
SInce I have a HD tv, monitor, Sky HD and a PC in my room its often really hot so I need to open a window.

Problem is when I do I get loads of bugs, mainly flys and dadfy longlegs which fly to my lightbulb and its annoying, the moths are the worst as they fly to me a lot.

Any home remedies for stopping them coning
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yeah, close your windows :thumbsup:
get a flyscreen over your window?
get a fly catcher sticky thing. dunno whats its called. but basically to apply it to the roof and then pull the scented sticky thing out of it., and the flies bugs etc are attracted to the sent. go to it and get stuck to it.
in poundland yesterday they had insect screen cloth that you can cut to size.
If you have an open window then you're not going to stop bugs getting in unless you cover the gap.

It's OK having sticky paper etc in the room, but by then the bugs are in & you've got to hope that the traps work - much better to stop them getting in in the first place.:thumbsup:
Bugs are attracted to the high res of HDTVs. If you switch to SD at night you should be fine, though bluebottles and most moths aren't attracted to 720p. 1080p is out of the question though and explains the daddy longlegs' and other insects.
put clingfilm over your opened window.

that'll stop them from coming in!!!
Don't turn on the main light at night with the windows open. Unless you were pointing the TV out the window I wouldn't have thought the diffused light of the TV would be that enticing.

Lavender oil supposedly repels Moths so maybe some kind of dish with a couple of drops at the window.
Definitely reccomend the cut to size flyscreens already mentioned. Got ours at Lidl. Weve got most of our windows open and no flies/bugs at all.
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