How do I keep the recording features of the sky+ box after I get a new card?

    As per title really


    All your recordings will still be on there.

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    All your recordings will still be on there.

    I want to still be able to record though

    Have you taken a new subscription out?

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    no, its for a new card - I will have the old card still

    Whats the reason you have got a new card for?

    Is it the renewal card from Sky?

    If its a new card for the same account, its will work.

    If the new card is for a different account and your putting it into your exisitng box, (after its been coded to the box) you will only be able to watch any recordings which are "freeview" - any recordings which are part of a sky package wll not work..

    This happend with me.. I was using my old sky box and card when i moved it into my house from my old property.. (I only told sky to cancel the contract 5 days before moving home) and then when i moved I just used my existing card in the new property with my exisiting box.

    I then took out a new contract, card only, and lost all recordings of things which were in the planner which was part of the sky package.
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