How do i know if my old ipod is 1st or 2nd gen?

    My boyfriend has an old ipod which is black and has 4GB. i thought it was 2nd generation but having doubts as when i look on ebay a lot of the 2nd gen ones are bright colours. This is black.
    Anybody have any idea please?


    Which ipod, nano, touch???

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    Sorry its a really old nano.

    1g is shiny and the 2g, it would be a bit easier if you could post a pic of it.

    nano 1st gen

    nano 2nd gen

    the first gen has round edges, the 2nd one is alot slimmer and compact!
    Right: iPod nano 2G black
    Left: iPod nano 1G black

    look here, it explains all

    [URL="Apple support site"][/URL]

    I tried to reply but it said it had to be moderated, I assume as i added a link in. I'll try it this way instead. If you go to ... support dot apple dot com forwardslash kb forwardslash HT1353 ... it will take you to an apple support page showing the differences between the models. (replace the dot with . and forwardslash with /)

    Hope this helps! Sorry if this ends up double posting when my other post is moderated.

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    wow thanks for all your help guys i will rep you all....sadly it is a 1st generation. I didnt realise they did a 4GB in that i seem to remember when we got it the memory had gone up from 1 or 2 GB. Must have still been the same generation though.
    Thanks for all your help and photos.
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