How do I know if my T-Mobile G2 Touch is on the latest software?


Just got a T-Mobile G2 Touch (HTC Hero) and loving it. I see T-Mobile issued an updated ROM in October, but I don't know if it is already in the phone or not or if I should upgrade to it? I have looked in Menu>Settings>About Phone, but don't really know what I am looking for!



go to update firmware and see what it says eg you are running latest etc…ADS…pdf

"note the build number" if yours displays [] then I guess you have latest (anything lower you can update if you want)as that's what I am downloading from that t-mobile download link (I dont have htc) but that is file version from download.

Check out the t-mobile forums to be on the safe side.

I have the HTC hero and its a great phone, I would however install a custom rom onto it, which unlocks it and also "roots" it allowing apps to be installed onto the memory card, I followed the guide here>>>…ro/ its really easy to follow.

There are hundreds of great apps available, the latest one I have installed is…s-f and it looks to be quite useful.

The android operating system is quite impressive and only looks to get better, it makes Windows Mobile look ancient and dull.

It'll take months before Android 2.1 is released over here for it, I'm sick of the horrible market app and it annoys me that there's a far better one that's been out for months that we haven't been given yet

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Thanks for your help guys. It seems I am on the latest build. I think I'll persevere with it then maybe install a non T-Mobile one when I get bored and feel like some tinkering!.. I do like a tinker, but don't want to break my new toy just yet!
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