how do i leave member feedback??

    i want to leave feedback but i have forgotten the way to do it, feel a right idiot having to ask.


    click profile at top of screen, then forsale/trade tab then find the thread that you want to leave feedback and click the feedback box

    search 'feedback', then narrow down to feedback section on the right. prob most asked question.

    Original Poster

    thanks for your help , rep left.

    Right...what am I doing wrong? Didn't want to start a new thread.

    I've clicked on the public profile, then I've clicked on the 'for sale/trade' tab. I've got the list of threads and I can see the one I want to leave feedback what? There isn't anything to click next to it. The only two clickable things on that line are the thread itself and the username of the thread starter.

    If anyone could put a screenshot of what I do that would be very helpful!


    Thanks Sassie.

    (I've just stupidly realised my work filters blocks image uploading sites so I can't actually see it! I will be able to when I get home though).



    it should be like

    title .......... ....................................... posted
    fs blah de blah de blah ...... ........... .. 1 week 3 days ago .................................. LEAVE FEEDBACK


    Maybe Your Work Filter Is Blicking Out The Leave Feedback Button

    Possibly, that's the only reason I can think of as it's definitely not there (although i don't know why it would filter that...)

    I tried it in IE and Firefox so I'm not sure what it is. I'll try it when I get home.


    okey doke, hope you get sorted, it does sound like something blocking it,as you obviously cant see any of the feedback links when you go down the list, otherwise you wouldnt have asked for a screenshot
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