How do I link a picture to this website when submitting an item, on a Mac computer please??

    I have a Mac computer and I am new to it and cant figure out when submitting a post, how to add a picture to the listing. So when I am filling in the fields and it asks 'link picture file' how do I do it??
    Any help gratefully appreciated.


    u will find it extremely easy doing this on a mac.

    here is what you do....whichever pic u want to add onto a list, just drag that with your mouse and place it anywhere on your desktop. U will see a pic file on the desktop. Now u can link the picture file!

    there are many other ways of doing it, but i find this to be the easiest.

    let me know if u have any problems.

    Do you mean when you are submitting a deal?

    Original Poster

    Hi, yes I mean when submitting a deal. I am trying to get the picture off another website and add it to this website whilst submitting. I have tried dragging the pic from another website to my desktop...which I did ok, but then when I try to add it to the box where it says 'link to image file', it either wont do anything, or it opens up a new window with the image only on the page. If it type in the jpg number, I get a message from HDUK saying 'Error: Please enter a valid URL to an image file. This file must be a jpg, gif, or a png. The link must not contain any html or BB code what am I doing wrong?? Help?? Thought these Macs were easy to use!!

    I think your problem is that you're trying to upload a picture, which you can't do. You have to provide a link (of the internet variety e.g.…jpg or to give a real example:…gif:
    Nothing to do with being on a Mac, it's just the way this place works afaik.

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    Hi, think thats what I mean. But not sure what to do still....a bit of a new starter!! I even tried to send the link via email, copied the link and then tried to add it that way, but still get the same message....dont know what I am doing wrong.

    You simply need to copy the link for the image, and paste it into the box.

    I have never used a Mac, but it is easy on a PC, I would expect it to be more or less the same.…t=4

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    Still wont work. I have copied, pasted it and opened a new window, dragged the pic into it then copied the http line, still wont let me. I know its not like windows as you right click, copy, paste...its different on a MAC.,usually drag and drop, but cant figure this one out.

    If you're using safari then find the image you want (this has to be an image available on the internet), hold ctrl and click on the image, then select "copy image address", this is what you need to paste into the URL box (Apple key + v to paste).

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    Thanks will give it a try, but I usually use Firefox.


    Thanks will give it a try, but I usually use Firefox.

    Same process but the option is called "Copy Image Location" on FF :thumbsup:

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    I cant find copy image location, it just gives the option to open image location....i give up!!][IMG][/URL][/IMG]][IMG][/URL][/IMG]][IMG][/URL][/IMG]][IMG][/URL][/IMG]][IMG][/URL][/IMG]][IMG][/URL][/IMG]][IMG][/URL][/IMG]][IMG][/URL][/IMG]][IMG][/URL][/IMG]

    Some REP would be nice !? ;-)



    I cant find copy image location, it just gives the option to open image … I cant find copy image location, it just gives the option to open image location....i give up!!

    Then "Open Image Lication" and then copy (select it all and press: Apple key + c) the contents of the Address bar instead.

    Original Poster

    Hi all...thank you for your help...couldnt work it out. So i have gone onto Photobucket and it works. So thank you again.
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