How do I load new songs onto ipod shuffle 4gb (new generation) when its 2nd hand???/


    Im wondering if someone can help me, I bought an ipod 4gb shuffle from ebay and im trying to load songs onto it via itunes, but because im the 2nd owner the ipod is registered under there email address and password. I just wondered is there a way round adding and deleting songs when the ipod is 2nd hand

    thanks in advance


    RESET (but you will lose the songs on it!)

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    its only me;6469847

    RESET (but you will lose the songs on it!)

    thanks for the reply, so there is no way of adding songs?

    The computer you use would need to be one of the authorized ones for the ipod - to do so you need to log into itunes with the account the ipod was set up with and then click on authorize comp from the menu. This will allow you to add new songs.

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    thanks for the reply, the original owner i very much doubt will give me there email address and password so i can add and delete songs, i feel very ripped off tbh x
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