how do i lock a for sale thread now its all changed!

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Found 7th Jul 2010
hi all

not used this site for a couple if dats and found thats its all changed! all i want to do is oput a few for sale items in but want yo lock thr prev threads! how do i do it can you let me knw pls

thank you!

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If you have the option to close a listing via folk could you do it that way please (you should see the close option at the bottom of the opening post once logged in).

If you cannot find the relevant thread listing in folk could you report your thread for MOD closure for the short term and we will close it for you once we are able to again - this is only required during this interim period and only applies to those members that are genuinely unable to self close via folk.

If you do relist then and we have a close report logged for you we will allow the new thread as long as its been 7 days from the last post prior to the report being received.

Apologies and thanks again for your patience.

Original Poster


On the same way as you did before.

thanks! could not find the link b4 but now finally found it!


it makes no difference anyway, all threads remain open, all of my threads that have all been locked are now open, and just locked via fo lk and that too is still open
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