How do i make my computer quieter?

    How do i make my computer quieter?



    Clean the fan

    Take out the fans.

    buy slower quieter fans, buy a quieter power supply... sorted.

    wrap it in a blanket

    Tell it no Monitor for a month if it don't shut up.

    whats makin it so noisy hun?

    run your anti virals xxx

    lol running an anti virus will make it louder


    whats makin it so noisy hun?run your anti virals xxx

    yes,see if you have a noisy virus on there,its a common problem:):)

    Buy a Mac


    Buy a Mac



    ho ho helpful trolls

    New fan. Or clean it as it might be clogged with dust. i had mine replaced and its very quiet now, only cost a fiver

    Surround it with 15 feet thick concrete

    Identify which components are making the noise. The main noise producers are the CPU fan, the power supply fan, and where applicable the graphics card fan, case fans and motherboard fan. Some older hard discs can be pretty noisy too.

    If the main culprit is the CPU fan a clean will help but a larger fan/heatsink with slower RPM will be the best bet - you must clean off and reapply thermal paste if you remove the heatsink. If its the PSU a new one is your only real option. If its the graphics card fan aftermarket coolers are available for some cards or a passive (fanless) cards are available. If its the motherboard fan you can get large fanless heatsinks to replace it.

    put it in water


    put it in water

    Why do you have an avatar of a ***** with a smiley face?


    Why do you have an avatar of a ***** with a smiley face?

    sorry? an avatar of a what?

    I'd say its the fans that would need cleaning also

    and i'll second the Mac bit aswell well worth the change

    or more drastic way use a Hamm-er


    sorry? an avatar of a what?

    The name of a guy's private area
    I didn't even use a nuaghty word to describe it, i used the scientific name, but it got blanked out


    did you try saying 'shhhhh' :whistling:
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