how do i open BIN files

    it always come up with the find how to open it from a list or use te internet box, which is never helpful, what do i need?


    download daemon tools and mount the bin file

    (it creates a virtual drive which then recognises the bin file in a similar way as a CD)

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    daemon tools?


    do you have a bin and cue?

    go to nero>recorder burn image, sorted.

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    ok im downloading daemon tools, then just open with that?

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    it doesnt work


    it doesnt work

    when you got daemon tools it will show in the taskbar (requires a reboot to install properly) right click the icon (mines a red square with lightning strike) and goto virtual cd rom then mount image, browse for the bin file (make sure its bin rather than the cue) then goto my computer and there will be a extra drive showing double click on it and u should now have access to the bin contents

    If you want to watch it on pc then download vlc media player, If you want to burn you need a CUE file
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