How do I put a picture in my post

    Just started at this so not sure


    get the url to the pic you want to post, then hit the mountain looking picture in the message box and paste the url into there

    you cant upload directly into a post, you can however link from external sites, if its a web based image, click the bb code button (2nd from the right above the reply box) and paste link in there, if its your own image then upload to a site like photobucket/imageshack etc and do the same thing.


    wow, its like it's comming right at me!

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    thanks people:)

    welcome to HUKD,

    during this initiation period you most post a KFC based deal and PM everyone to get them to heat it up :lol:

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    can anyone see that ^^^



    can anyone see that ^^^

    Ah, no. You've pointed the IMG tags to a file on your computer (or possibly camera). You need to upload it to an image hosting service, such as It'll provide you with a link once you've uploaded it, and then you can paste that in your post.

    the link I've put in a big red box is the one you want, though either of the two top ones will work. Copy that, then click the mountain here and paste it into the prompt that appears.

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    awww thanks man

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    yeh all working now bud

    i see cars and a beige carpet........ possibly underlay

    Suspended already....that was a short career!


    Suspended already....that was a short career!

    the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long
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