How do I recondition my laptop battery?

    The laptop is a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D1845, the battery charges for a few minutes on startup and then stops charging. It is up to 51% ish at the moment. The problem is that when you disconnect the mains the laptop just shuts down. In other words, the battery is in actual fact as empty as Begbie's fifth pint at 8pm.
    The battery simply won't take a charge FFS! :x

    Is there a way to 'restart' it so that it accepts a proper charge?


    Nope, its like rechargable batteries that can be recharged 1000 times or whatever, once theyve been recharged 1000 times, theyre useless, i think its time to buy a new battery or ring up siemens if its still under warrenty

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    Thing is that it was always on the mains until two weeks ago. I heard that li-ion batteries didn't suffer for being always on mains? Obviously they do.
    It never really got charged more than 5 times. That's why i'm a little miffed.
    I guess that I should have run the laptop with the battery removed, but I didn't know you could do that until a few days ago :-(


    Thing is that it was always on the mains until two weeks ago. I heard … Thing is that it was always on the mains until two weeks ago. I heard that li-ion batteries didn't suffer for being always on mains? Obviously they do.

    It normally says in the manual, Its a common problem if you use mains only with the battery in.

    Best option would be to get a new/used battery, Ebay maybe?

    I had a Time laptop with exactly the same problem. I now have a Vaio & I run it without the battery. When I do need it, I will charge it & pop it in.

    it is possible to buy just the cells.
    you just have to figure out how to get them out without destroying the case.
    Once you have them out you can match them up on ebay, for instance.
    The US sells most types and they work out alot cheaper than buying the genuine battery pack.

    Bit of advice on laptop batteries... DON'T buy cheap sh*t!!

    Heat is the main killer of Lithium ion batteries. Once they start to wear down there is no curing them.

    Don't ever buy second hand laptop batteries, total waste of money.

    Take 5 minutes to read this site, and all will become clear.…htm

    For the reasons mentioned above, li-ion batteries do not last for long periods of time - they have a limited number of recharges, they lost their capacity faster when exposed to heat and also they have a limited shelflife. No matter how well you treat it, the capacity will go down over time until eventually it becomes useless.

    A new battery is your best bet, as Tek has mentioned don't buy second hand and don't buy cheap rubbish either. Shop around and you should be able to find one for a reasonable price.


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    I'm wondering if it's worth bothering replacing the battery. It's no biggie using it on the mains, i'm not one of these mobile professionals who use their laptop on the train. Besides, £88 for a battery? I could get a whole second hand laptop for near that money, with working battery!! Farsical price and not worth the money IMO.
    I'm exploring the external battery options. There are batteries that run for six hours plus that plug into the AC socket. The Amilo runs hot anyway, so heat is always going to be a factor. It's probably not worth getting a replacement internal battery.

    I would shop around, that seems a hefty price - for my Dell I grabbed a genuine battery off ebay for under 50 pounds (high capacity battery) and for my Vaio I picked up the extended battery for 130 quid delivered (including taxes from the US). It has a capacity of 13,000Mah and costs around 300 quid here so that was a good price as well.


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    I can get one for £36 +p+p from China. But quality is the issue there.
    I don't want it to short out and take my laptop out with it. I have a freecharge weza, so I can always take the laptop out in the garden or to the local country park if I choose. It'll last for three hours or more on a full charge on that.
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