How do I record from Radio to my PC?

Found 16th Dec 2008
There's a concert in the Barbican tonight which I cannot get to. Luckily enough, it is being recorded and broadcast on radio 3 on Friday night.

Is there anyway I can "record" the concert electronically onto my PC, so i can burn to disc and listen in the car? Years ago, I would have just popped in a tape, hit record, job done; but now I do not own a tape recorder, or a tape player.

Is there a programme that can copy the broadcast through the internet as an mp3 file? or something?

Ta muchly!
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Free Hi-q recorder does the job

you can just listen to the concert via the iplayer live, and use an application like audacity to record the entire thing, then burn to a disc as normal, very easy.

Obviously you will have to listen to it on your pc though!
thaks you lot - think I'm going to go with Wonkey's suggestion over the dandy p's suggestion - it seems to do both bits together.

rep left!
wait for the podcast on BBCi
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