How do i remove

    postings that are in the right hand side "My Activity" bar?

    There are a couple of old ones and I want to remove these ones only?


    Just shows the 10 most recent threads that you've posted in - you can't edit it at all I'm afraid.

    Turn on 'thread subscriptions' in your options and you get a list of the threads you have replied to in order of most recent posts first when you click on the control panel link... - much more useful in my opinion ;-)

    I wouldn't of though you could as it is your latest activity (where you have left a comment)!
    (I might be wrong!)

    Why would you want to do this?

    Original Poster

    Cos I've got 3 posts that are now expired but they're still there and they annoy me - that's all:whistling:

    so get posting on othwer threads they will soon dissapear


    so get posting on othwer threads they will soon dissapear

    That's what I was going to write!:-D

    lol great minds and all that
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