How do i remove my old ford cassette player?

    Hi i want to put a new cd player in my escort and it has the original ford 5000 cassette player in it,i orderd a fascia set and got as new cd player,it came with the hooks to pull the old one out but was wondering whats the best way to get it out,heres a pic on one the same as mine-…m14


    its really simple to extract the old one 1 - just put the two U shaped prongs in either side, pull gently to each side of the player and it will slide out. Make sure you also have an adapter to fit the wires at the back.

    Yep that should do it or 4 straight ones! i spent ages looking for a the removal tool ages ago, only for my cocky mate to get it out in 10 seconds with4 allen keys!:thumbsup:

    Wire coathanger cut in two does the job.

    5 minutes parked in Moss Side should do the trick.

    5 minutes? it only takes 10 seconds around here

    Original Poster

    done all that but cant seem to get life out of my cd player

    2 screwdrivers:w00t:

    fuse m


    done all that but cant seem to get life out of my cd player

    fuse must have blown, check the manual
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