How do i restore my acer 150 netbook?

    Hi i was wondering how to put my acer inspire netbook back to factory defaults? i know how to on normal desktop pcs etc but as this has no drive i havent a clue, thanks

    ps its a Acer inspire 150b netbook


    Does it have a recovery partition that you can select when it boots up?

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    whys this expired?

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    Use the disk, it tells you how in the instructions. Why do people not … Use the disk, it tells you how in the instructions. Why do people not bother to read them anymore.

    doesnt have a disk drive!

    Had this happen to mine. I went onto you tube and there is video showing you how to do it. Or try the acer guy. Its just a matter of getting the info from the disk onto memory stick and rebooting the system.


    READ THE INSTRUCTIONSI have the same laptop.If you weren't so lazy you … READ THE INSTRUCTIONSI have the same laptop.If you weren't so lazy you would see that you put the CD in a desktop PC and a memory stick and it sets up the memory stick, you plug that into your A150 and it restores from that.But you'd know that if you looked for yourself.

    Not everyone is as computer savvy as you and do you really have to be so rude to someone who is not as computer literate as yourself. ?

    is it this…tml

    . Product Release Information

    Product Name: Acer eRecovery Management 2.1
    Release Number: 2.1.3001
    Release Date: 2008/09/04
    Customer Support: Cigar Huang, Joe Lin

    2. Introduction

    This document contains the release notes for Acer eRecovery Management 2.1.
    The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or
    other information that supplements the main documentation.
    eRcovery v2.1 is a special version only for low-cost PC. It is branched from
    Acer eRecovery Management v2.0.5001.

    3. What’s New
    • 2.1.3001 September 4th, 2008
    i. Updated files
    1. eRAgent.exe v
    2. eRecoveryUI.exe v
    3. MFC71.dll v7.10.3077.0
    4. Msvcr71.dll v7.10.3052.4

    ii. Spec. changed
    1. None
    iii. Issue fix
    1. eRAgent.exe will show "dwRet = 5" message box while guest account login.
    2. Locking keyboard and mouse does not work.

    4. Minium System Requirements

    System Processor: Intel or AMD IA32 processor
    System Memory: 512MB+ (1024MB+ recommended)
    Free Disk Space: 20MB+(with 4GB or more hidden partition created by Acer
    NAPP 5.0 process)
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
    Networking: None required
    Existing Software: .NET Framework 1.1
    HDD: 1 OS partition and 1 hidden partition exist

    5. Installation and Upgrade Notes
    • Installation
    i. Setup a XP system using NAPP4.X or later process.
    ii. Run eRecovery_v2.1.3000.exe installer package to install all necessary
    • Manifest
    This release consists of the following items:
    i. Release Note
    ii. eRecovery_v2.1.3000.exe

    6. Limitation
    • eRecovery burning dependents on NTI CD Maker. Please install NTI CD Maker
    XP version to make eRecovery burning success.

    7. Version History
    • 2.1.3000 May 30, 2008
    i. Updated files
    1. eRecovery.exe v
    2. eRecoveryUI.exe v

    ii. Spec. changed
    1. Remove “Brun Disc” tab in UI
    2. Remove “Restore system from CD/DVD

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    Thanks to the people that have helped me, found dcx_badass to be very rude, no need for it!!
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