how do i return something that's been granted a paypal refund?

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Found 14th Dec 2009
ordered something off fleabay (i know, i know)

just a few quid

when it arrived, it was second hand (listing + photo said "new")

paypal resolution granted in my favour

how do i send stuff back with tracking info as they require? do i send recorded?

do i get paid my postage costs?

i effing HATE fleabay and the dodgy t o s s e r s that populate it


Recorded is fine, but be careful I returned a faulty item to a seller which paypal found in my favour and he refused delivery and so I was out of pocket by £50

think you pay postage

Just had to do this myself today... was sent a fake bag, buyer promised refund which never materialised, escalated claim now Paypal tell me to return at my expense then I MAY get a refund. (not postage) :x
Sent back today by Royal Mail Recorded delivery.

make sure its recorded........
Incase the seller denies he ever received it.
Postage would have to be paid by yourself..........
So much for using fleabay..........

Make sure you send it back via a means that gives you a tracking number ...

Have paypal said you have to return it? I got issued a refund and didn't have to return the item

But yes if you do have to send it back send it recorded and no you won't those postage fees back im afraid

id send it special delivery as at this time of year i dont think the postmen give a damn, ive had a couple of items just pushed through the door that i should of signed for, so when you put the tracking number in it still says pending delivery or something like that. so i could easily pretend i havent got the items and get my money back, but im not that tight lol

If the item is worth under 40 quid send RD,if it's over send SD.

When you get a refund,leave a neg and mark one on each of the stars!


you shouldnt be returning fake goods, they should be destroyed:)


you shouldnt be returning fake goods, they should be destroyed:)

Had that discussion on the other thread,that's what we said,don't return it.
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