How do I rotate a JPEG image

    Recently I have been trying to rotate a JPEG image that was taken by someone who was holding the camera at a slight angle. Furthermore I think I only need to rotate the image by about 5 degrees counter clockwise.

    While trying to find a solution I have come across a number of individuals saying that some picture quality is lost when rotating JPEG's, so I would need to use some sort of JPEG lossless rotator. I tried out two so far, however none have the option to rotate the image by only a few degrees, but rather the default 90 degrees option is given.

    So to sum up, I need to rotate my image by about 5 degrees counter clockwise, preferrably without losing a noticeable amount of picture quality.


    Photoshop can rotate images by such amounts. I would be happy to do this for you, but it will have to wait until tomorrow when I am at work.

    i tend to copy it into paint rotated then save it.

    Use, there's a rotate option in the express one

    Just had a quick go on the app, you can rotate by a minor angle or a greater angle. This would be the quickest way of sorting this out.

    As you rightly said - any manipulation of the image will affect the quality but I believe if you only rotate by 5% the distortion will be minimal

    The lunapic link given by qavi23 seems to work but not sure if the site reduces actual image quality

    Hope you get it fixed

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    Thanks for all of your answers they were very helpful, and I have now overcome the problem by using Credit goes to sancho1983 and kos1c.

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    Following on from my previous problem which is now solved, I have now ran into another problem.

    I have a picture with me and a few individuals, and I am trying to paint the background white and then put a background in, similar to the backgrounds from professional photos. I am doing this in paint.

    I am having two problems with this, first of all I'm finding it a bit difficult when painting areas next to the body. Is there a better and/or easier way to do this, or a better program (that is free).

    Secondly, if I eventually do finish the painting the background white, I have a good suspicion that when I try to put the image on top of my chosen background, the parts that I painted white in the original image will just cover the new background, if you follow my line of thought. Any suggestions to overcome this.

    Usually in that scenario, you would select the white sections, then invert your selection, so you are now only selecting the bit you need, then just copy and paste that bit. You may find that Paint isn't going to cut it, as it's very limited. You could use, which is free, and has this facility. It's the magic wand tool you'll need. You'd then just paste the people over your chosen background.
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