How do I secure my Wireless Connection?

    Ive recently "gone wireless" and need help with securing it from anybody from accessing it. under the security tab in the connections/security tpe settings I have the following options: Wpa2-personnel
    The one selected is: No authencation

    The encrption type is set to None

    Can anybody help please. Ive changed the password from the default on the 192 etc website.


    Hi daniel168

    Ideally, I think the most secure at the moment is WPA2-PSK, so from your choices I'd be going for Wpa2-personal.

    Then choose a secure WPA password, with a couple of numbers in it.

    Use the same mode and password on your PC and you should be away.

    Can't give specifics because you haven't said what kind of router and operating system you're using.

    What kind of router have you got?

    You'll also need to know the model of the wireless adapter that you're using as it ay not support all of the encrption tyes and if you're using gaming consoles such as DS and PSPs, and the DS only supports WEP!…en/

    Ensure its 63 characters of random keys
    Never transmit the key in the clear online (ie e-mailing it or msn chat)
    I had it on my usb pen drive last time i changed it to put into peoples wireless settings.

    Change the WPA key every 4-6 months.

    Change your banking/email/etailer passwords every 12months.

    No that would be doing all those things every few weeks

    Original Poster

    thanks guys just figured out how to get the encryption settings set,sorted..
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