How do I set the time and date on the digital display of my Marc Ecko E14545G2 watch?

Found 16th Dec 2013
I bought this watch recently off of amazon and it doesn't come with instructions that apply to this particular model of watch. The instructions are generalised to all models of marc ecko watches and for some reason this design isn't included. I have looked all over the place on the internet for some more information about this watch and it's instructions, but for some reason there is very little information on this watch across the internet.

Basically I cannot currently set the time on it.
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Normally, you press and hold one button until a digit starts to flash, then press another button to increase the digits value, leave it a few sconds until it stops flashing, then repeat for the next digits.
If you have no luck, here's the support centre details & there's a UK phone number. I'm not sure if your model is included in the instruction manuals on the link:
Hope that's of some use!
All of these responses in normal circumstances I would have expected to help, unfortunately this watch seems to be a weird anomaly where the first answer doesn't work - the instructions from ellie phant also don't work as the crown only has 2 positions not 3 as stated and the contact centre wouldn't process my details.

I could ring the UK number but I can't see much success from that - but might try it.

Thanks people.
When I get this watch, it will give something to do on Christmas Day ! Hope I can find a way to make it work...
I figured it out at last. It is quite a dumb design. on the left there is an additional button that you can only press with a ball point pen or something similar. this button serves for switching between time, date and stopwatch. if you press it for more that 3 seconds you can set the time or the date. I'd like the digital part to show date only, this is impossible since the date switches back to time in about 5 seconds. With this watch you just have to carry a ball point pen with you all the time to use all functions, who the hell designed this?
i guess that's why it was cheap - sent it back in the end because of this
Hi all and tidli, it's not that hard to adjust the time and date, is it!
I figured it out in a few hours lol
Nice watch, still going strong but i would have liked the watch with the orange strap.
Maybe on offer this Xmas
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