How do I set up broadband manualy on a pc(tesco)

Found 25th Sep 2009
Help I'm trying to reinstall broadband on a friends pc but it won't connect,how can I install it manualy on winxp
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USB modem or router?
what are you using, a router, modem?
I think you need a CD from tescos, it should set up from that. HTH.
This depends on how you are connecting the broad band.
There are 3 ways that happens.
1 via a usb modem
2 via a modem router
3 via wireless modem router

Exactly how you manually install depends on which method you use to connect to your ISP.

If it is via a USB modem, then it is likely that the ISP has provided a Cd with the relevant software on it and it wil be pre-configuered to connect. Put the CD in and follw the prompts!

If it is via a modem routet, then agin you probably have a cd, but you can also access the router via your web browser if you know the configuring web page address (usually an IP number) Then with the administrator user name and password, you can access the setup page and input any settings specific to your ISP.

If it is via a wireless connection, then first off you will have to connect the router as per above, then you can setup up the wireless connection lnk.

All of this will be in the booklet / leaflet that came from the ISP.

If you do not have any of this information, then you can use a PC with an existing internet connection to visit your ISP's home page and find the relevant information there.


It's stalling when using the tesco cd,also there using a diff modem to what tesco wants to use it's a zoom adsl x6 router

It's stalling when using the tesco cd,also there using a diff modem to … It's stalling when using the tesco cd,also there using a diff modem to what tesco wants to use it's a zoom adsl x6 router

You'll not need a CD, but you'll need to configure the router with the correct username/password
I tried that but it doesn't go through I made a new conection through winxp
plug the router into the ethernet socket on your PC, then open up your browser and go to the URL of the router, it's probably or but it should be in the instruction book you got with the router. it'll ask you for a username and password, these are the tesco ones, but are the defaults for the router. again they'll be in the book but common ones are Admin and password, or root and password, or admin and admin. once you're in there should be some sort of quickstart guide. follow that and you'll be all set up.
to find the routers IP address: run cmd, type ipconfig/all default gateway or dhcp server should give address of the router.
I got to the but if setting up the router and on basic settins page I clicked auto set up to put in conection details but it's just searching firca link to the Internet and not doing a thing, what would the settins be for tesco
The strange thing is a min ago it found the settings and loaded up a web page fine but I didn't save the settings but now when I do the search it now won't find the settings for the Internet, also the adsl light isn't showing on the router grrr...
i think it might be best to put the settings in manualy so if anyone could give methe tesco settings on a zoom adsl X6 would be great

You'll need a unique login.

yeh with the tesco settings for that router]
Its a mine field which ever isp:whistling:

No with the account holders details, which we obviously don't have.

i did put them details in-username/pass

its the other settings im guessing that are wrong…pdf

thats the router guide but not sure what to put on all the settings apart from pass and user name.

its page 15.
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