How do i set-up my DSTT card and Where Can i download DS Roms from??

    I have bought a DSTT card which is coming tomorrow.
    Firstly i need to know where i can download the roms from? (i think thats what they are called.)
    I did have a few pms from people telling me where but i emptied my inbox by accident so lost all the information.
    The only site i have been told about i cant find many english games i want on there.
    For instance: Are you smarter than a 10 year old, i can only find Are you smarter than a fifth grader (US)

    Also i as i am a complete newbie to this i need to know what i have to do once i have my card tomorrow.
    I heard something about you have to doanload some software or something to enable you to play the games.

    If anyone can help me, i would really appreciate it.

    I will rep any help.



    Software here ]http//ww…tml

    Original Poster


    Software here ]

    ok thanks, Repped!!
    Ok so what on there do i have to download.
    Do i just select the english version under - TTMenu OS v1.16, 2008-10-30 new
    Then what do i do?
    Sorry i am completely new to this.


    Download that and unzip it.
    You could then follow the saint's instructions.
    If you have any trouble, PM me :thumbsup:

    rep added thx

    gbatemp for dstt skins and operating systerm and help , to get back up roms for games you leagaly own try idgamez
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