How do I set-up the scan option on an All-in-one printer?

    My boss has an HP All in one printer but can't find the original CD Rom that came with it and I can't seem to find the download for it on the HP Website - can anyone help me please? This is the model:

    HP CM1312nfi


    The software for it will almost certainly be in the HP web site.

    Loking under Support or Drivers (or both)

    Took me about 10 seconds to find it (also user below found it)…02&
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    Tried here?

    try thisFreeKapture, I had exactly the same problem with my HP printer as well.It allows me to scan without having to find the cd.

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    Thanks, I had tried looking under Support or Drivers, can see options for printer and fax but not scanner - however, my knowledge of these thing is limited.

    You use the software to do the scanning, or buttons on the actual device.

    I thought you just installed the cd and that was that ?


    I thought you just installed the cd and that was that ?

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