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How do I spend Asda / George gift cards online?

Posted 18th Nov
3334520.jpgI am likely being thick but I cannot fathom how to add cards to my account, nor pay for goods.

I have a 16 digit number and 4 digit pin code for the card and it clearly states it can be used online but I am only offered the attached image when trying to pay with it - there’s no place for the PIN number?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Does the 16 digits not work?
What happens when you click the '?'

Do you include the PIN after the gift card number?

Is the card number longer than 16 digits? Sounds daft but Next do this, they have 19 digits and a PIN but only want the first 16!
Don't think u need the pin
Look at this from the Gift Card FAQ on the Asda website. I'm assuming that the gift card has a 4 digit pin as it is meant to be used like a bank card at the till to pay for your shopping.


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