How do i stop vibration on 5.1 speakers?

    Hi i have a sony 5.1 speakerset for my tv and the speakers and each 4 of the speakers are held up by a screw in the wall,the probelm is at times the speakers vibrate and so i was wondering if theres a way to stop this from happening,i know turning the volume down might help but i dont want that lol



    Try tightening the screws in the all so that the speakers fit more flushly against the wall. The closer the speakers are to the wall then the less vibration i think.

    Or if that doesnt work then get some bluetac or similar and put it on the part of the speaker which touches the wall which should stablise them.

    turn the damn volume down:w00t:

    Large rubber washers; like the ones sometime supplied with computer enclosures for hard drive mounting. Or anything that is fairly compressible and quite large (not larger than the mounting area as that will look silly) should do the trick.

    Make sure the rattle.vibration is external and not inside the speaker, but yeah rubber washers or sticky foam pads should work, you can usually buy rubber sticky pads for nonslip purposes from most stationers.

    Try polystyrene or foam.
    I've used that before when my desk shook from the subwoofer xD
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