How do I submit a WANTED advert in FOR SALE / TRADE ?

    Just tried to start my first new topic in the For Sale / Trade forum since the site had a make-over.

    Problem is, it's asking me to submit a price.

    My topic is a WANTED advert for general Xbox1 games (I want people to list what they have and what they're willing to sell for, so I can decide if I'm interested).

    I started by clicking the "SUBMIT" button, chose "For Sale / Trade", then selected "Entertainment" as my category. Then the "price" thing came up.

    Am I doing this the right way ?




    Where it asks for a price just put 00 in there to satisfy the error checking and your post will be ok

    Original Poster

    Cheers, I actually did that in the end.
    Is it just me, or was the old method of "Submit new thread" / "Start New Topic" (or whatever it was called) much simpler and more intuitive ?
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