Found 29th Aug 2007
im trying to buy a hk copy of resistance. how do i tell if its hk version and not japanese copy? im trying to buy it but dont know how to tell which copy it is.

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got a link mate?

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link to wat? someone on av forums said that his copy says region 3 and has writing in chinese but doesnt know how to tell if it hk?

Region 1: North America, South America, East Asia except for China (India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia etc.)

Region 2: Europe and Africa

Region 3: China, Russia and other countries

Therefore the Hong Kong PS3 will be a different region to the Japanese PS3.

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so hk copy wont be region 3?

no HK is basically china now so region 3.

Japan falls into region 1.

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oh so would the hk copy be the same as china thaiwan and all those countrys?

yes the copy would be the same but difference in language.

the following will explain the regions…isc

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so would it fix the problem of playng online on a hk machine?

too be honest I am a 360 man and i only googled the info for you. A ps3 person should help you out with this question.

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ok thanks for ur help repped you. maybe if someone who knows about this can help i will also repp them.

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ok turned out that hk version is asian version and japanese version is japanese.


I'm still unsure why your other copy didn't work, perhaps you can't take the promo copies online?

im travelling to Pakistan in october and will be considering to buy a ps3 more then likely will buy one but will it be online region locked

Games are region free [ I think] Blueray DVDS are region locked.

i know the games are but will the the online gaming be locked.


I don't think so.

I only have two games and a UK PS3, so can't speak from experience. I know people were playing resistance on a foreign machine BEFORE they switched to worldwide servers and vegas runs off the hosts connection - so no problem there.

I think you'll be fine.

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ok this is the problem. if you have a asian ps3 not japanese but asian this includes hong kong then you can only play online using a game from that region. this is due to isomaniac (resistance company) not knowing the hk ps3 is coming out and so they had to make last minute changes. so now im looking for a asian copy. found on play asia but they dont ship to europe and i aint paying 30 pounds for a game worth 20.
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